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Welcome, Fall

Last week TV began it's fall season. And much like when I reread my blog, I found myself trying to remember what was going on last May.

Why was Jax's wife (doctor-what'shername) in jail? (Sons of Anarchy) Were Juliana Margulese and Will getting together or was she sticking with Mr. Big? (The Good Wife) Did the oldest kid actually go off to college? (The Middle). 
Modern Family is so funny that the plot doesn't really matter. I can just turn on the TV and watch.
If only life were like that.
May seems about 5 years ago. N was struggling in school. C was busy with lacrosse and T spent many weekends chopping wood. I worked 45-50 hour weeks, but really loved my job and laughed every day at work.
Fast forward through a chaotic summer. The highlights:   a disappointing vacation I chaired my high school reunion - aka the world's most thankless job only spent 1 day at the Jersey Shore (another day we left after two hours when it started to rain)  Our big news came at the end.…