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Mama L's Tootsie Hangover

Good Morning, Beloved Friends (and the 2 family members who read my stuff),
It's a glorious Sunday morning here in New Jersey, and I'm thrilled to report that my feet are throbbing. In fact, I had to break my morning running date with PB at Duke Farms because my tootsies need time for the swelling to come down before I lace my running shoes. Don't worry - I won't waste this beautiful day. I've got a non-negotiable appointment with my Sauconies to run a slow 5 miles. 
Despite Diego's insisting I get out of bed (earlier than I wanted) to let him out, I'm feeling so invigorated. I've had lots of jobs through the years, and met colleagues that have made their way into my heart and life. But few were like the content team at LN. We just clicked - and maybe cliqued - if wordnerds like us can be a clique. I don't think I'll ever experience a work environment where I'll laugh more than I did with these brilliant folks. 
Last night we had a rare oppo…

Fool Me Once...

Hello My Friends... I've Missed You! Although I've drafted a few blogs over the past 8 months, I haven't published anything lately - nor had I realized how long it had been since you'd heard from me. Life sometimes gets in the way of our creative pursuits, no matter how much we love them. Writing has always been my joy and my catharsis. As I write I create a place where I experience life and reflect upon how the world impacts me - and vice versa. So, of course I've missed blogging. (Full disclosure - I wrote this on Thursday and now, on Sunday morning I'm editing it hurriedly before meeting a friend for a run...)

This sunny morning I drove down Country Club on my way to my new job (yes, I have one, but that's not today's topic) and I got inspired... As MR puts it when we get into an intense discussion, "I felt a blog coming on." So I called her for feedback... and I promised to write two blogs. Here's the first. Enjoy!
Fool me once... Foo…