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They Grow Up So Fast

When you spend years getting your kids get dressed each day,  making sure the basics are covered (underwear and socks), it's almost impossible to imagine that you'd be screaming not "where is your sneaker??" But "move your car... Now!" But that was the last thing I said commanded before I hung up on my daughter at 6:10 am today. Even if my intensity was possibly justified (there is little space on our still-snowy street and the garbage trucks and school buses are expected soon and they may hit her car), my presentation lacked any hint of love. My blood pressure was raised after I had that nanosecond of fear when I didn't see her car. Instead of assuming it was on the street hidden by a huge pile of snow, the logical and correct explanation, my crazy DNA kicked in and paranoia made me think, "Did C go sleep at a friend's house last night? I thought I heard her come in, but what if she never came home from work last night? How could I not notice…