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Its the penultimate day in 2012. Looking back my year held it all: the good, the bad, the ugly, but it was never, not once in the entire year, boring.

Why spend time rehashing a year gone by when I can do so much today, prepare so much for tomorrow and make plans for an upcoming year?

This is a time when many people resolve to be better, different or to make significant changes. Most often we (and by we, I mean "resolution-makers") promise unreasonable things. After many broken promises I am just  keeping it easy:

I will try to live more simply.
Maybe this will include things like knitting with the yarn I have or I'll plan meals by looking first at what is in the freezer already . I'll continue my trend of cooking more, order in/eat out less.

I hope this will include being happier with what I have without buying more - if I don't have the right outfit, perhaps it is laundry I need to do, rather than shopping? I could use to add a few other habit changers:
Finish wh…

Lost voice, gained perspective

Last night I called in to work to tell my boss I couldn't come in today. I have a terrible cold - no fever - but I'm quite the disgusting mess. Runny nose, sneezing, coughing. Not anything you would want serving customers - and likely contagious, too.

My boss was NOT happy. I get it - I work in retail and it's a week before Christmas. But if I'm sick I'm sick. This is not anything I am doing TO her.

I was feeling very guilty about this. Then it came to me. Had the tables been reversed? Had I been the boss and someone else been sick, would I take it personally and make someone feel guilty? Quite possibly. But just maybe, not.

And while she thinks my illness is a detriment to her bottom line, she doesn't know me very well. Today is the most stressful day of my year: tomorrow my mother-in-law arrives. I love K. I love having her here, but her house is neat. My house is not. To make her feel welcome (and maybe a little proud of her daughter-in-law who is trying to …

Too close to home

To quote the president "As a country we have been through this too many times"

It was enough to hear about it on the radio - I can't bring myself to see the images yet. Another shooting. Another tragedy where you least expect it. (I just heard that Newtown hadn't had a murder in 10 years).

You'd think these places are safe: a suburban elementary school, an remote island in the middle of a Norwegian fjord, Amish village schools. Shootings shouldn't happen anywhere, but at a school with the youngest students? Abhorrent. Why kill innocent kids? What could a shooter have against them? Or their grieving family.

An entire country is thinking about their children's school, or their own elementary schools.  Searching for answers to unanswerable questions.

So I sit here. I've finished my ginger tea with honey, but I keep dipping a fork into the honey. It could be anywhere, I guess.

Seems almost morally wrong that I'm about to get changed for a Christmas pa…

Over half way there...

Sometime around midnight we passed it: the halfway point to Christmas.
Despite last week's claim that I'm letting go of stress, I have to admit that this pre-Christmas rush is taking the same toll on my nerves as every other Christmas has since college, when pre-Christmas ALSO meant exam time. Post college there were a few years with only joy and little stress, but once kids came Christmas meant all new responsibilities and expectations, not to mention gray hairs.
I love this time of year, despite the looming deadlines and the constant feeling that I am forgetting something. Some detail... I haven't lost my keys (at least I don't think I have) but it's the same angst.
Nonetheless, in some ways I'm a step ahead: the tree is up. Most of the gifts are either purchased or planned, and I am making headway on SOME of the cleaning. That's always been my personal shortcoming. Neatness.
But even if the to do list is long and patience is in short supply, I do love Ch…

December 7th

It's December 7th. One of my least favorite days of the year, falling directly between the anniversary of my late brother's death and my late Mom's birthday. It's easy to fall into the "woe is me". But also, takes less than a millisecond to snap out of it.

I am grateful for my family and friends and everything else in my life. A life full of friendship, travels, and good fortune, and I think that's what my brother and Mom would want for me.

I haven't been blogging much lately. Just haven't had much to share. Also, I'm trying to disengage from thing that cause me unnecessary stress. Turning off the TV and radio from the threat of fiscal cliffs and other political discourse. Staying away from school issues, local issues and focusing on the homefront. My family, the house and our dog. There is more than enough food for thought just worrying about tree removal. No one needs to hear days of blogging with titles like "Jane gets arms stronger th…