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Forced relaxation

Ever do those basic "meditation techniques" where you imagine yourself at the most peaceful places you remember? Or maybe you try think about a quiet space when you can't sleep. My in-law's summer house is that kind of place. Not exactly inside the house (right now my son's friend is singing some annoying tune from youtube)...  and since my husband found a way to give all of us unlimited internet access through one cell phone, it's more unlikely. A blessing and a curse. A blessing - because after years of limited connection to the world (they didn't even have cell phone service until about 10 years ago) it's GREAT to have the internet. A curse because my 14 year old daughter spent most of her waking hours on Facebook instead of exploring nature. (We ended up shipping her off to her friend's house overnight). But otherwise, this is the perfect place to escape with your own thoughts for hours or days on end.

It isn't in my nature to be calm. I …

New beginnings

I have a new part time job in Metuchen at The Brass Lantern. I'm not sure what my formal title is, but clerk is one option. But I do much more than peddle wares...

Last week I spent most of my time playing designer/photographer (I staged, then submitted pictures for a local magazine's fall publication), cross-seller (moving things from different departments to hit multiple target audiences) and, my favorite - the reason I got the job in the first place - yarn guru. Yes, they sell my favorite stuff and I love finding the right color/texture combo for other yarnies.

One of my areas of "expertise" (if you will permit me) will be creating and updating an online-presence and fostering social networking. Although they had a facebook page (please like it) I will be updating it and adding content. Those who know me, know this isn't very "hard work" for me. I love FB, and online networking comes relatively easily to me. I'll be expanding their internet pres…


When you say goodbye to someone in a funeral, ineviably you say hello to many others. People who also loved your loved one.

Today I saw family and friends who I had not spoken to in years.

But no matter which funeral I attend, my mind always wanders... to other funerals.

I think of various relatives - but mostly my Mom. But also I think of my own.

Maybe it is natural. When N entered the catering hall where we were having lunch, he said "when I die, I want exactly these sandwiches!" (until, of course, he tasted. them... then he chose the option for kids: hot dogs).

Who will come to my funeral? What will they say? What will the music be? Can my friends and family work together to make something that has some semblance of my eclectic life? Who will be the "cruise director"?

At Randis funeral her wonderful grandson, Ove gave the eulogy. He told a story about how he had taken her to a funeral a while ago. They spent 15 minutes looking for her keys. When it came time to …

Momentum Mori

We had a lot in common. 
To us, nothing is/was more important than family and friends. It's what makes life worth living. 
Her warm nature, her zest for life. Her flexibility: just drop by anytime.... 
We both seem(ed) to nag, but I think it was more of a reminder.... 
For almost 95 years she loved and was loved. 
She ran from the Nazis with her infant son after her husband refused to work for them. 
She raised a boy and a girl as a "married single mom"... the wife of a ship's captain - she didn't see her husband much. She worked lots of jobs through the years... but mostly because she loved being around people. 
I will miss her. 94 and three-quarters is quite a long life. She was of sound mind until the very end. She was a fighter.
And now she has let go. 
The end of an era. I realize this weekend that I had her in my life as long as I had my own grandmother - about 18 years.
I will miss you, Randi. I hope I learned enough from you! Thank you for accepting me i…