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Shameless plug for WHCC

Last night I attended a benefit gala and silent auction for the Women's Health and Counseling Center. If you know me, you know that I don't attend these kinds of events very often (I've been to 2-3 basket auctions in 10 years). I had NO idea what to wear and literally tried on nearly every dress I own before I found the one - the dress I bought for a fancy wedding about 11 years ago. I was like Goldilocks... not too fancy, not too plain but just right.

I had heard of The Women's Health and Counseling Center and love the idea of it - a place where women, regardless of income, can get safe, professional medical help and counseling for issues large and small. And they serve many "kinds" of women (and offer limited services for men too). Somerset County has wide socio-economic demographics. They serve plenty of women who have the means.... just not the insurance. And there are many who don't have either.

The baskets were bountiful. I hurriedly put my name on …


Thank God its M-tonight

It's Friday, and in a little while I'll be with MB.

It's literally been more than a year since I sat with my dear friend M and enjoyed time. We used to be neighbors and have stayed friends. I have special place in my heart for this woman. I respect her so much. She's everything I aspire to be: strong, beautiful, smart, with a great career and family as the focus of her life. Oh, and she is funny as hell!!!

Her house is gorgeous, a white picket fence and decorated with warm colors and flowers. (And some of my parents' old books - an old house, with old built-in bookshelves, needs good books with a fair amount of wear and tear). But it's not about what she has - or what she has built for herself - it's about who she is.

She manages all this on her own. Without dependence on a man. Whenever I contemplate the "what ifs" of the world, I can only HOPE I would be a fraction of the success she is if it were just me.

And tonight she…

The night before *my* Christmas

I LOVE having kids. I'm grateful that I've been able to be home with them for many years.

AND... I love that tomorrow they go back to school. 

I'm a bit nervous for my son starting the middle school. I'm a bit nervous for my daughter starting at a school with 3,000 students. (Especially all the 17 year old boys....)

But most of all, I'm nervous about the 5:45 wake up. It might not be enough time.

C is getting a ride to school from "one of the neighbor kids" (I know her, of course). I thought that C going via cars driven by teens was several years off. I'm getting nervous about that too.

Maybe I should be more nervous about the Middle School bus?

Best thing to do? Stick my head in the sand (or my softest pillow) and go to sleep. But first, I hope to see what Michelle O has to say first.

Best of luck to all you parents. I'm sure your kids will be fine (and so will mine)

The Knit is Right?

The last few weeks have been overtaken by the kids. My escape: knitting and sleep. I've started so many projects that I am truly beginning to wonder if I have severe ADD, or if I am just extremely creative (but perhaps overly-ambitious)? In front of me I have I have yellow cotton yarn, blue and green variegated hand-dyed yarn (from the Finger Lakes) and several nearly-done projects. All this among papers with "red flag - must do" written all over them! I also have a red, silky ribbon-yarn for my sister. She visited "my store" (The Brass Lantern) and I told her to "pick any yarn" since she asked me to make her a scarf that will brighten dull, black dresses for work. I've started the scarf... and I'm not sure if I love it or want to rip it out (called "frogging" since you "rip it, rip it") or just keep at it and finish it so I can work on the next item on "the knit is right".

In addition, I've been knitting sma…