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The end of an era

My heart is breaking just a little bit. It's going to be a year of lasts. My last evening Halloween party at our elementary school. I got so nostalgic that I wanted to have 4 more kids, but then I remembered how much else I'll have to do and decided it wasn't worth it.

Funny thing is I was never a huge fan of this free-for-all costume party. It's chaotic, noisy, annoying. You can't keep up with the young kids when you need to (kindergartners and 1st graders) and the older ones take off and you can't find them.

Now that it's gone, I'm sad. N wanted to leave early. He felt left out and couldn't get into the groove with his buddies.

My heart broke even a little more by that. It's 9pm. We missed the chaos in the parking lot (Bridgewater police have to patrol!!!), by leaving at 8:30, but I'm sad.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Where did the time go?

new opportunities

Just got back from meeting two friends (separately). I have been thinking after one coffee with B that I am seeing this life I have all wrong. It isn't about choosing between things (stay home OR work OR run for the board of ed OR actively volunteer) it is about picking what I want (stay home and work, etc.).

Our coffee also became a political discussion. B literally knows EVERYONE! It's amazing. She knows three of my former bosses (and has a similar opinion on at least one of them), she knows most of the major political players and their staffers in Trenton, she knows tons of pharma people, including execs, and she keeps them all straight. She has a head on her shoulders and was all around very impressive and funny. I left with completely thoughts about the election.

After 90 minutes sipping my half-caff, skinny, pumpkin spice latte I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on any and all activities...

or maybe it is that the sun is shining brightly and after coffee I spent an ho…

You never know...

...with a sensitive child you never know what will upset him!

We are working on a timeline project for Social Studies. The timeline covers important events in each child's life. We got out N's baby book. One of the things I kept was a copy of the newspaper where his birth was announced (I don't think I ever got a copy - I was in the hospital when it printed).

It said "C has a wonderful little brother. Mom & Dad (our names)"

N was very upset. "WHY DIDN'T I GET MY NAME IN THE PAPER?!"  I wanted to say that I don't think C even had a notice in the paper when she was born.  I know my mother-in-law called her friend who worked at the local paper to get it put in ASAP and maybe she hadn't heard his name yet. I'm not even sure we told everyone yet and lots of people don't list the baby's name. I was very surprised (and happy) to find it in the paper the day after N was born.

Then again, his name was in the paper less than a year lat…

Friday tea

I went to college at an "All Women's Institution" which was part Ivy League, part A League of One's Own and full of great expectations and great traditions. We had linen tableclothes during my Freshman and Sophomore years on Thursdays for "family style" and TEA on Fridays. It was heaven. Friday at 4pm we came "home" to the living rooms of the "houses" (God Forbid they call them a dorm!) to tea, cookies, treats and my favorites: chocolate squares with peanut butter. It almost made up for the overachievers everywhere and pressure beyond anything I'd ever known before and since.

Well it is Friday at about 4pm. Today my college friend suggested that I owe myself a nice tea after Tuesday's defeat.

Usually I am not one to do something nice for myself, if it isn't really something nice for others too. But this idea was too good to turn down.

Today I woke up to the horrid noise of the dog upchucking, then I spent over 2 hours on a lo…

Something you never get used to...

When I was in High School I wasn't afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve. I liked lots of boys, but one in particular a lot. I didn't have the intelligence to hide it. And of course it never worked out and I spent a lot of time feeling worthless and distressed. It was my first taste of rejection.

About 10 years ago my dream job opened up. I applied for it, but when it went to someone else I cried for several days. I thought I was exceptionally qualified. Turns out, the hiring committee thought someone else was a better fit.

Tonight I didn't get another job I really wanted. While I am quite sure I am about a decade past crying for days over a job, I would be lying if I said I think that the hiring committee hired the easiest candidate and not necessarily the best candidate - there were three of us who I though would have been better than the person they hired. One of my questions was if I didn't get the position, would I try again? A few hours ago I thought I would. Now…

More news next week

I have a lot on my plate. Notes from the teacher about N's neverneverlandness, prep work for The Next Step and visit from my MIL.

So, I'll write more next week...

but this was too unbelievable not to post:

Click here...

God I love John!


Dear readers,

I have changed my blog for the time being to be by invitation only.

If you know of other readers, please advise and I will invite them too. I may return to an open format at a later date, but due to the intimate nature of my thoughts, I'd like to try it this way.

I hope you will still find it to be entertaining and/or informative.

Best regards,


NY Times makes me think twice, again!

As my readers know, I am not a stay-at-home Mom because I feel it is the "right thing to do". I am home mostly by fate. So I am always looking for feedback on my situation. Often from the NY Times.

I read two NY Times articles this weekend. One from the Magazine Section is by my old buddy, Lisa Belkin (no, I don't really know her!).

The second was in the Style section. What could I possibly relate to in the Style section?? It's like a pat on the back for staying home and cooking! We eat together as a family probably 5 nights a week (albeit often it is after 8:30 when we finally sit down) - and although apparently this is irrelevant, usually I cook!

Happy reading. Gotta love the juxtaposition of these articles.  The NY Times always keeps me thinking! Just saw this from Michael Pollan. Haven't read it yet, but if VF liked it, it's probably pretty cool!

Firemen rock!

I am NOT a fan of being asked for solicitations from my car (especially from too-perky sorority girls on an early Saturday morning), but recently I saw our firemen/women at work saving a house from certain destruction, and have a new respect for our all volunteer force! Let them solicit all the change they can on Black Friday!!!

Check your calendars and support our valiant Green Knoll fire squad in their quest to fundraise! Read here.

And, of course, I spread the word to help a certain fireman who holds a special place in my heart (don't get the wrong impression!!!!) because he is so patient with me as we schlep each others' kids to Tae Kwan Do year after year. I remember him on that May day. I remember his courage and afterward (to his wife's annoyance, I love her even more!), his pride when they saved the house and irreplaceable things like pictures.

Between my friend who is fighting the Cell Tower by Milltown Road, the money spent on the new municipal complex, the lett…

Too busy for blogging 2

Still busy... today was cleaning. It took me hours to attack my desk. In fact I just found it now (at almost 11pm). Of course I have done other things as well including volunteering at school, driving kids, grocery shopping, making sure the dog got exercise and making dinner.

I wish I had time to read this article in today's NY Times. But it looks like I don't need to. Unless you consider my free-speech thoughts on various political candidates, or my opinion (very unpaid, I promise you!) regarding local soccer programs to be product review, I think I'm in the clear. I certainly haven't been paid to write anything here. I would never turn down money, but I probably only earn enough to buy a tall decaf latte at Starbucks anyway. Is that product promotion? I don't think it qualifies, but in case it does, I'll sign off here. :-)

Time to return to the cleaning of the dining room. The good thing is that except for my desk we rarely use this room, so once it is clean,…


I played in a team sport tonight for the first time...

I am sore in muscles all over the body. But I feel good.

It was a learning experience - the adrenaline, the humiliation, the fun of playing a sport with people who are into it and very good was quite a shock for someone who has spent her life on the sidelines, not on the court/field.

It was a good reminder for my cheering soccer-mom self. When the team blows it occasionally, or I think they should run faster... it's not that easy!

Off to bed. My body desperately needs a good night's sleep!!!