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GM from a Grateful BWSM

Good morning!  Adrenalin is Bridgewater Soccer Mom's coffee this morning. As my Facebook friends know, I spend a lot of energy racing for trains. This morning, as I was pushing 55 mph on the main thoroughfare between Route 22 and our street (I regularly run this road and complain about speeding drivers), I saw the cop and I knew... He did a U-turn, and before he even put on his lights, I'd signaled and pulled over. I rolled down my window and before he said anything I handed him my license and registration and blurted out that I'd been speeding. He finally got a word in. "Are you driving to work?" "I'm racing to catch the train." He asked if it was the 6:20. I looked for the insurance card, saw the date was expired, then in my fog realized something, and picked up my phone and fumbled with it... "The insurance is now an app." Before I could find and open it, he let me go. No warning. No lecture. He said he didn't want me to be late…

Happiness Is...

It's Valentine's Day, the most commercial of commercial days. A day when love seems to become a competitive sport. Hallmark meets high school prom. I think this year's Valentine's day is a great way to explain "my love life."

As I type this on my cellphone, Diego and I are lounging on the sofas. The fire my husband built warms us.

Lots of people celebrated Valentine's day last night. I did, too. My dad and I drove to my cousins' home and ate a fantastic dinner. My aunt is famous for her cooking, and last night didn't disappoint! We talked family lore and politics. Everyone's favorite subjects.

This morning I thought I would have a quick breakfast with my mom's cousin. We couldn't stop talking, and hung out for three hours. Heaven.

Last week I was having a particularly challenging day, and I texted my husband. He had just the right advice, "Help your dad. It will make you feel better... And he needs you." So after leaving my cousi…

Enough! Basta! Click!

Today is Groundhog Day. I see the sun, which... since it's going to be in the 50s, must mean 6 more weeks of.... political rhetoric.I don't think I can take more hateful speech, overblown half-truths and finger pointing. I'm not an undecided voter. I know whom I support, and if you know me and know where I've spent about 20% of my life, you can guess. Some of you like me because of this, some of you like me in spite of my political opinions, and that may be how I feel about you, too.  Growing up in a "mixed" household with parents who were members of different parties, I saw that you can love someone unconditionally even if you don't agree on politicians. Can you hear Mom's sarcasm, "George, your president is on TV." Plus... And here's the surprise... Most of us have nuance to our opinions. Voter A can be against abortion but support the right to choose. Voter B can be hunter but want stronger controls of who can purchase weapons. And th…

They Grow Up So Fast

When you spend years getting your kids get dressed each day,  making sure the basics are covered (underwear and socks), it's almost impossible to imagine that you'd be screaming not "where is your sneaker??" But "move your car... Now!" But that was the last thing I said commanded before I hung up on my daughter at 6:10 am today. Even if my intensity was possibly justified (there is little space on our still-snowy street and the garbage trucks and school buses are expected soon and they may hit her car), my presentation lacked any hint of love. My blood pressure was raised after I had that nanosecond of fear when I didn't see her car. Instead of assuming it was on the street hidden by a huge pile of snow, the logical and correct explanation, my crazy DNA kicked in and paranoia made me think, "Did C go sleep at a friend's house last night? I thought I heard her come in, but what if she never came home from work last night? How could I not notice…