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May I Offer a Little Advice?

Yesterday I spoke with a friend. Her family member is ill (which I learned from Facebook) so I wanted to check in. Turns out she has a lot on her plate, plus her boyfriend broke up with her.

My harsh response began with the letter F and ended with HIM!  I repeated this seven times. Every time she began a rebuttal with, "but...." so I proceeded to list ways that she is fantastic and she deserves better.

I need to do the same for myself. Take responsibility and focus on being happier and healthier. If you are reading this, you should know that you deserve the same.

For me specifically, this means focusing on my health and on the people who matter to me and taking the same advice I give my loved ones:
"Dad, you should go to sleep earlier." "Husband, turn off the TV and get fresh air.""C, be more empathetic - remember not everyone is as fortunate as you.""N, clean your room!" These are things I should say more to myself:

No, I don't need…