Mama L's Tootsie Hangover

Good Morning, Beloved Friends (and the 2 family members who read my stuff),

It's a glorious Sunday morning here in New Jersey, and I'm thrilled to report that my feet are throbbing. In fact, I had to break my morning running date with PB at Duke Farms because my tootsies need time for the swelling to come down before I lace my running shoes. Don't worry - I won't waste this beautiful day. I've got a non-negotiable appointment with my Sauconies to run a slow 5 miles. 

Despite Diego's insisting I get out of bed (earlier than I wanted) to let him out, I'm feeling so invigorated. I've had lots of jobs through the years, and met colleagues that have made their way into my heart and life. But few were like the content team at LN. We just clicked - and maybe cliqued - if wordnerds like us can be a clique. I don't think I'll ever experience a work environment where I'll laugh more than I did with these brilliant folks. 

Heels and a Glitter Bow
Last night we had a rare opportunity to relive the magic of friendship. We danced, we laughed - and we agreed that the under-10 minute ceremony (including waiting while someone had to retrieve a mislaid item, namely - ahem - a ring - "please stand by...") had the best (and will certainly be the most memorable), mercifully short nuptials ever! 

If there is an opposite of a hangover, I woke up with it! The footwear dejour was barefoot/stockingfeet only as one by one we women gave up on stylish heels for comfort. We're practical writers, after all (Shout out to Manderz, the lone holdout in high heels, who danced the night away).

This morning, I'm feeling grateful - for friendship, for a connection with people who feel as strongly about Oxford commas as I do and that we met last night to celebrate HH's wedding. She's wanted to marry S for a long time, and last night in a room of her beloveds she did.

Her wedding was special - big on love. Zero preachy advice. We ate a fantastic dinner (rare at weddings in my experience). Then Muslim women in hijabs shared the floor with latinos and our mix of crazy writers dancing to hard jams from the 1990s.

So I still owe y'all a blog about getting into college, but not now. PB just texted me - she offered to walk-not-run the beautiful Duke gardens. And on this gorgeous morning, that's an offer I can't refuse. 

Happy life H&S. It was an honor and my huge pleasure to share in your evening. Are A&H next? Maybe E&K? My money's on the smart woman who capture's Fetus's (not his real name) heart. Or maybe, just maybe it will be AF who blew off this shindig for Mr. New England... no matter what, I promise I'll invest in new spanx by then. Love to all!

PS - A real writer would have asked CC to edit this before posting. The target audience are all professional writers - in one capacity or another - but C is off the clock. And so am I, so grammar geeks please forgive mislaid or omitted commas, passive sentences, split infinitives or other no nos in this unedited blog. 


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