The easiest is often the best solution

I met with C's Principal today. She will move into the next school this fall and this was my first encounter with the school. Although, Mr. D. couldn't wave a magic wand and get her into the coveted e-program (nor did I request that), he took time to read her report card, look at her test scores and acknowledge that she needs extra challenge. For the first time since we have been in Bridgewater, I have felt like the Principal has taken me seriously. It's about time!

He promised to place her with an appropriate teacher. He also admitted that she seems bright enough to manage in E.

Nice guy! Productive meeting. Helpful response.

Why can't the administration of BRRSD and the BOE be as open to helping kids? Why does it always take a fight to get any attention? Why is it so hard to get into these programs? Again: why is it so elitist here in Bridgewater?

I bet it is easier to get into one of the ivy league colleges than the gifted programs in Bridgewater! (Just googled it, and indeed the acceptance rates ARE higher at the top schools than our prestigious excellerated math/language arts programs) !


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