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It's the new decade and I'm already a little unsure about its start. N bonked his head and we ended up in the ER for a STAPLE. It was pretty inhumane - but much faster than stitches. I am directly dreading when it gets pulled out on Saturday!

Then this morning the alarm didn't wake us, not because I didn't set it, but because I didn't check the volume level and of course it was silent.

Everyone got to school as close to on time as to not call it tardy, but N needs a few minutes in the morning to get his act together if he is going to finish his morning work on time. I am pretty sure his teacher thinks I am a flake of a Mom who can't get her kid to school on time!

Flake or not, I spent most of the weekend with N (I brought him to see my Dad, C stayed here for a birthday party and some quality Daddy time). He had a great weekend, despite the ER visit.

N loved that I let him run wild where I never thought I would. In a pinch for some kid fun on a cold day? Try the Raymour and Flanigan showroom when they aren't busy! All those "rooms" of furniture have fabulous and relatively safe hiding places??? The staff didn't even seem to mind, especially since Grandpa bought 2 beds! I didn't mind too much either. I did make them take off their shoes, just in case. Especially the first day when we were "testing" beds. For 9 year old beds that means jumping on them... (yes, I did tell them to stop THAT).

We also went to a great place that I hadn't been before. It was FREE! TheTanglewood nature center had tons of trails (at 15F it wasn't tempting) and a fun exhibition on spiders, snakes, frogs... but what the boys liked the best were the Iguana and the Turtle that were just roaming around. We missed the snow-shoe lessons, but now I know you can rent them for a small fee.

The kids ran wild through Grandpa's house while the adults caught up, shared gossip and ate more pizza than they should have. The kids had a GREAT time! At bedtime they enjoyed a classic Ghostbusters. Who knew in the mid-1980s that it would still be fun today?  (The totally inappropriate jokes went over the kids' heads).

Everyone had a great weekend. C spending it with T, N spending it with BFF T, Grandpa and me. Maybe I'm not such a flake of a Mom after all??


Jem said…

You are a wonderful, loving, giving mom. I'm glad you got some quality time with N and your dad. Please give him my best next time you talk to him.

Hugs, Jem.

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