Where did the week go?

A mother's day rose? As seen in NYC.

It's May - and time is flying.

In fact I just opened my blog for the first time in a week to find that strangely no one had written it for me. I have a draft of a blog, but I don't feel like editing it. Right now my mind is spinning

I can't write one blog when my mind is 50 different places. (and if I start editing that unposted blog it will be 10 places more)

Some of them include:

  • The turkey dinner that I need to finish cleaning up (or else my Dad will and at 87 he really shouldn't!)
  • How my little boy is touring the Middle School tomorrow... when did little N become so big?
  • The state of our healthcare (I worked at this today) ... 
  • The rain - and my open windows
  • Did C really walk Diego enough or do I need to take him out in the rain (and now, thunder)
  • And all the "next step" questions
  • My college reunion is this weekend and I'm happy like a little girl to see my friends
  • I need to go and close the windows. 
  • How I'm afraid I am that the to do list in my head will evaporate before I get to write it all down
I thought I would be dreading going to reunion. All the professional superwomen who are Captains of Industry (or whatever they ended up doing) made me feel so intimidated five years ago. Possibly thanks to Jem - of the Ambivalent Womb blog - I see my life in a completely different light. She's one of the talented sisters that I so admire, but for years she longed for what I had. Now she's a Mom too. Realizing that what I had and what I do matters (and perhaps even makes others envious) makes me feel a higher state or worth. Which is wrong - my worth should come from my own opinion of myself.

Or, maybe it's just the wisdom that comes with being over 40 and not having the excess vanity to care what people think as much.

Either way, I'm heading North on Thursday. North to my friends. North to my peeps. North to Northampton.

I can't wait. This time next week (when perhaps I will be wondering where another week went) it will be all over. I wonder what I'll think then.

Rain's over. Too late to close the windows. 

Unfortunately I do need to clean up from dinner. Turkey - easy to roast - but the clean-up's a royal pain. 


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