Momentum Mori

RIP Randi 1917-2012
We had a lot in common. 

To us, nothing is/was more important than family and friends. It's what makes life worth living. 

Her warm nature, her zest for life. Her flexibility: just drop by anytime.... 

We both seem(ed) to nag, but I think it was more of a reminder.... 

For almost 95 years she loved and was loved. 

She ran from the Nazis with her infant son after her husband refused to work for them. 

She raised a boy and a girl as a "married single mom"... the wife of a ship's captain - she didn't see her husband much. She worked lots of jobs through the years... but mostly because she loved being around people. 

I will miss her. 94 and three-quarters is quite a long life. She was of sound mind until the very end. She was a fighter.

And now she has let go. 

The end of an era. I realize this weekend that I had her in my life as long as I had my own grandmother - about 18 years.

I will miss you, Randi. I hope I learned enough from you! Thank you for accepting me into the family as more of a granddaughter than granddaughter-in-law. Thank you for everything, especially all your love.

If there is a heaven. Please find my Mom. She will welcome you...after all - you're family.


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