New beginnings

My new "office"

I have a new part time job in Metuchen at The Brass LanternI'm not sure what my formal title is, but clerk is one option. But I do much more than peddle wares...

Last week I spent most of my time playing designer/photographer (I staged, then submitted pictures for a local magazine's fall publication), cross-seller (moving things from different departments to hit multiple target audiences) and, my favorite - the reason I got the job in the first place - yarn guru. Yes, they sell my favorite stuff and I love finding the right color/texture combo for other yarnies.

One of my areas of "expertise" (if you will permit me) will be creating and updating an online-presence and fostering social networking. Although they had a facebook page (please like it) I will be updating it and adding content. Those who know me, know this isn't very "hard work" for me. I love FB, and online networking comes relatively easily to me. I'll be expanding their internet presence, and hopefully there will be increased sales. As with many small businesses, the Brass Lantern feels the economic downswing!

An eclectic store, the Brass Lantern has all kinds of gifts
And this started just in the nick of time. My kids are at Camp Cory for two weeks. I miss them much more than I expected. The house is too quiet without them, so it's been nice to be out of the house, and meeting new faces. This job wasn't "the plan", but sometimes life surprises you - I really have loved it so far. Of the 4 days I've worked, three days went by without me even noticing it was lunchtime. On Thursday I planned to be there for an hour or two... and before I knew it, I'd been there all day. A colleague actually gave me her banana at 4pm.

What have you been doing this summer?


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