The night before *my* Christmas

I LOVE having kids. I'm grateful that I've been able to be home with them for many years.

AND... I love that tomorrow they go back to school. 

I'm a bit nervous for my son starting the middle school. I'm a bit nervous for my daughter starting at a school with 3,000 students. (Especially all the 17 year old boys....)

But most of all, I'm nervous about the 5:45 wake up. It might not be enough time.

C is getting a ride to school from "one of the neighbor kids" (I know her, of course). I thought that C going via cars driven by teens was several years off. I'm getting nervous about that too.

Maybe I should be more nervous about the Middle School bus?

Best thing to do? Stick my head in the sand (or my softest pillow) and go to sleep. But first, I hope to see what Michelle O has to say first.

Best of luck to all you parents. I'm sure your kids will be fine (and so will mine)


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