Thank God its M-tonight

It's Friday, and in a little while I'll be with MB.

It's literally been more than a year since I sat with my dear friend M and enjoyed time. We used to be neighbors and have stayed friends. I have special place in my heart for this woman. I respect her so much. She's everything I aspire to be: strong, beautiful, smart, with a great career and family as the focus of her life. Oh, and she is funny as hell!!!

Her house is gorgeous, a white picket fence and decorated with warm colors and flowers. (And some of my parents' old books - an old house, with old built-in bookshelves, needs good books with a fair amount of wear and tear). But it's not about what she has - or what she has built for herself - it's about who she is.

She manages all this on her own. Without dependence on a man. Whenever I contemplate the "what ifs" of the world, I can only HOPE I would be a fraction of the success she is if it were just me.

And tonight she is sharing some of her time with me and I feel so fortunate.

She might not see it this way. But I do. Lucky me. I get time with her tonight.

Better hit the shower. She suggested somewhere nice, so a shower is in order after a hard workout at the gym (where she also inspires me to work harder than I have before).


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