Shameless plug for WHCC

Last night I attended a benefit gala and silent auction for the Women's Health and Counseling Center. If you know me, you know that I don't attend these kinds of events very often (I've been to 2-3 basket auctions in 10 years). I had NO idea what to wear and literally tried on nearly every dress I own before I found the one - the dress I bought for a fancy wedding about 11 years ago. I was like Goldilocks... not too fancy, not too plain but just right.

I had heard of The Women's Health and Counseling Center and love the idea of it - a place where women, regardless of income, can get safe, professional medical help and counseling for issues large and small. And they serve many "kinds" of women (and offer limited services for men too). Somerset County has wide socio-economic demographics. They serve plenty of women who have the means.... just not the insurance. And there are many who don't have either.

The baskets were bountiful. I hurriedly put my name on several items (before you enter the basket room, they hand you champagne....) and then, after I realized that I had overextended my budget, I hoped others would outbid me. A newbie move, as I'm a novice at the silent auction scene.

Girl Scouts were selling $20 heart bling. Who can say no to Girl Scouts at a benefit for women's health? I certainly couldn't. Luckily they didn't have cookies! I would have bought a case, for sure!

I met many interesting people who are working (both as volunteers and professionally) to offer basic healthcare for our underserved. In an area with so many hospitals and so much access to top specialists, it is easy to forget that many people don't have access to a basic mammogram and only go once something "isn't right". I believe that basic primary care is a key part of healthy living. But if I didn't have insurance, I am quite sure that most other expenses would come long before an annual well-check.

I'm happy I learned about the Women's Health and Counseling Center and can spread the word through this blog (albeit much of my audience doesn't live in New Jersey).  I hope you will help them however you can. I was an invited guest of my friend who was being honored, but next year... Bridgewater friends, we're going!

Oh, and I got my wish - I "won" a nice item - a night at a local Inn that was within budget. I also own a new piece of plastic bling. But more importantly I bought a flu shot and a teenager can get some health education.


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