Its the penultimate day in 2012. Looking back my year held it all: the good, the bad, the ugly, but it was never, not once in the entire year, boring.

Why spend time rehashing a year gone by when I can do so much today, prepare so much for tomorrow and make plans for an upcoming year?

This is a time when many people resolve to be better, different or to make significant changes. Most often we (and by we, I mean "resolution-makers") promise unreasonable things. After many broken promises I am just  keeping it easy:

I will try to live more simply.

Maybe this will include things like knitting with the yarn I have or I'll plan meals by looking first at what is in the freezer already . I'll continue my trend of cooking more, order in/eat out less.

I hope this will include being happier with what I have without buying more - if I don't have the right outfit, perhaps it is laundry I need to do, rather than shopping? I could use to add a few other habit changers:
  • Finish what I start before beginning something new
  • Don't plan too much for the same time or day
  • Say no. People will still like me if I do.
  • Hit the library more, B&N less
I could also use simplicity in other areas. If you are reading this, perhaps you could also save time and keep your blood pressure lower by joining me in:
  • Not reading the comments section of the Patch or the Courier
  • Staying away from re-hashing old disagreements. If we haven't come to an agreement by now, we'll just have to drop it. 
  • Learn to take my reservations seriously. Don't leap into something foolheartedly. Twice in two years I've done this only to find that getting out of a venture is much harder than diving in.
But most of all, come December 30th, 2013, accept that these plans may change. Goals and milestones might not get met and many of these plans go against my nature. So most of all: remember, these are guidelines, not absolutes. 

But before I start on any of these, I think I owe myself one BIG promise - something I should absolutely be able to manage: start 2013 with a clean office. This simply won't do!

Luckily I have one last day to start that.

Oh, and maybe I should add to the "live simply" rules not to procrastinate.

Happy New Year. 


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