Too close to home

To quote the president "As a country we have been through this too many times"

It was enough to hear about it on the radio - I can't bring myself to see the images yet. Another shooting. Another tragedy where you least expect it. (I just heard that Newtown hadn't had a murder in 10 years).

You'd think these places are safe: a suburban elementary school, an remote island in the middle of a Norwegian fjord, Amish village schools. Shootings shouldn't happen anywhere, but at a school with the youngest students? Abhorrent. Why kill innocent kids? What could a shooter have against them? Or their grieving family.

An entire country is thinking about their children's school, or their own elementary schools.  Searching for answers to unanswerable questions.

So I sit here. I've finished my ginger tea with honey, but I keep dipping a fork into the honey. It could be anywhere, I guess.

Seems almost morally wrong that I'm about to get changed for a Christmas party. I don't feel like wearing a dress and make-up or socializing.

But as with every other of these tragedies, my life will go on as it always has.


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