Over half way there...

Sometime around midnight we passed it: the halfway point to Christmas.

Despite last week's claim that I'm letting go of stress, I have to admit that this pre-Christmas rush is taking the same toll on my nerves as every other Christmas has since college, when pre-Christmas ALSO meant exam time. Post college there were a few years with only joy and little stress, but once kids came Christmas meant all new responsibilities and expectations, not to mention gray hairs.

Ready to hang Christmas cards. 
I love this time of year, despite the looming deadlines and the constant feeling that I am forgetting something. Some detail... I haven't lost my keys (at least I don't think I have) but it's the same angst.

Nonetheless, in some ways I'm a step ahead: the tree is up. Most of the gifts are either purchased or planned, and I am making headway on SOME of the cleaning. That's always been my personal shortcoming. Neatness.

But even if the to do list is long and patience is in short supply, I do love Christmas. Even the annoying music. I love red and green together. I love the little santas and elves (mostly handmade) around the house. I love getting the mail and opening cards each day (only one so far, but I have faith they will come). I know that religious people won't appreciate this, but I have to admit, I love a lot of the secular parts of the holiday: the food, and drink, the decorating. I'm even a fan of getting and giving gifts. 

I love that once a year I pamper myself guilt-free. Today I had my hair colored and cut, and my nails transformed - with a french manicure and "tips". It's not often that this chronic nail biter hears click click click as I type. I must admit I love it!

And, of course, I love the smell of Christmas. Pine trees and cloves, cinnamon and gingerbread. 

But if I want to enjoy this more fully, I'm sure a neater house will help. Therefore here ends the Christmas procrastinating. Time to turn on the 12-12-12 concert, finish cleaning out the guestroom, and fold laundry til my arms fall off. It's all in the spirit of the season. :) 


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