Why I'm voting for Christine Chen for NJ Senate tomorrow

For months I've been avoiding politics. I consider myself a well-informed person, but over the past year I have lacked inspiration to engage in politics. After years of following local events eagerly, attending school board meetings and spending time involved in the community, I'm feeling rather apathetic this year.

Enter a scientist and Bridgewater mom running for statewide office

But something changed last weekend when Christine Chen knocked on my door. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, check out her video. It is her in a nutshell. 

Why vote for Christine Chen?

I can write all the reasons I'm going to vote for her - she's a scientist - and Bridgewater Mom - who is running for statewide office. She's got kids in our school district, so she gets it. Accessible, intelligent, informed. She pays taxes here and can do the same ROI calculations (mental) that I do! And, she is a Jersey native trying to raise kids in the community where I've been raising mine. (Read the priorities section on her website for more details).

Plus - when she canvased my house she was totally real - no make-up, no nonsense. She spoke with the teenagers who were watching Stranger Things about the importance of STEM. (And she promised to visit the high school robotics team, win or lose).

Who am I not voting for?

I know several candidates - and am happy to share them privately if you know me "in real life." Hint: someone whom I refer to as "Pure Evil" is on the ballot! If you have questions regarding the school board, I know two of the three candidates fairly well, haven't met the third but am intrigued.

Just don't stay home

Americans have very low turnout numbers compared to other democracies. We talk a lot about fighting for our freedoms, but we don't practice the most fundamental of these rights, the one that really does separate us from others... the ability to choose our government servants. Practice that right tomorrow!

Apologies for misspelling Christine's name in the title. Yes, I spell terribly, but if we are being honest here - and I always aim for that in my own blog - I need reading glasses! And I'm in denial. I've worn glasses since ca 1979, so I'm not afraid of being called Four Eyes. But bifocals sound old..... 


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