More pie please... what the hell was I thinking???

Thanksgiving was - as it has been in the past - like something out of a dream. The food was phenomenal - even my contribution was nearly up to par with the hostess' world-class faire - and the conversation nearly sinfully delightful. My cousins know how to get to the heart of the matter. We shared internet tips with one another and my kids are actually (sigh) old enough to play with their son. Who knew "COD" would be something they bond over? Their daughter is a college freshman and spent more time with us old folks than with the kids. I remember Thanksgiving after going off to college a pivotal moment in my own feeling of being an adult. (It was also terribly sad, since my Grandma died that year just a few weeks before Thanksgiving and her loss was palpable.) Hearing about K's classes, I was mesmerized. It was nothing like the 100-level survey courses of my days.

The ride home, however, was long for my bulging tummy. I paid for my gluttony. The food was THAT good. Seconds on turkey and trimmings and three different desserts were too much for me. This morning I couldn't even imagine breakfast as C and I dashed from store to store looking for hot bargains. JoAnn's Fabrics literally had a line across the store filled with people getting bolts of fabric. I knit but don't sew (much), and the 50% off full price did not apply to yarn, so I left without worrying about the lines. I treated myself to a red turtleneck sweater which was 50% off at the Gap and some fancy nail polish which were buy 2, get 2 free. C and I each picked two kinds.

It was a Thanksgiving treat to come home for a couple of nights. And I am glad that C could see that Black Friday exists here too!


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