My "racing heart"

Tonight I really had a jolt of adrenaline! My son and I were driving home from his usual Wednesday activity and I called the house for something. My daughter said she was going to a concert at his school....

A concert? Tonight? A choral concert??? Yes, yes, yes.

I couldn't believe it. No, no no! I've had this concert on my calendar for tomorrow night for many months. I actually double checked it a couple of weeks ago. Still tomorrow...

Apparently the date was changed (or wrong on the district's calendar) and they sent a note home to parents. They also apparently e-mailed a reminder (which I don't remember seeing - my bad).

So I drove insanely fast the final mile to make it home. N changed his shirt. And I sped to the school, with my husband begging me to slow down....

He got there 20 minutes late for the warm-up, but was 15 minutes early for the actual concert.

Everyone made it to the concert.

Why is my heart still racing as all's well that ends well?

Does this ever happen to you?


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