Hour 20

My daughter is in hour 20 of a 30 hour fast as part of her youth group's fundraising efforts for 30 Hour Famine. She is not eating anything for 30 hours. For me, the most important part is that she is learning how it feels to be hungry. I don't feel it is appropriate for young girls (she started when she was 12) to not eat anything, so I allow her - even encourage her - to drink plenty of caloric drinks, including milkshakes. She definitely gets hungry enough, just with a liquid diet, and it is a test of her determination and skill.

I'm proud of their determination. Although this raises funds for the hungry in the 3rd world, it is always important to remember that the hungry live around us.

There are millions of ways to help the less fortunate. Sometimes it helps just to be a friend.

This Spring I've been focused on my own knitting - but if you read this because you are a knitter/crocheter (and many readers are), I encourage you to knit something for Emily's Hats for Hope initiative. It is run by a New Jersey high school student.

Best wishes this weekend to my readers.


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