First - and foremost - thank you to all our friends and relatives from around the world that have shown such concern and care. It's hard to imagine how quickly life changes when you go from techno-addict to a dark house with no cell phone service, tv or light. We tried to make the most of it. Realizing that so many people have experienced extreme hardship makes it easy to pull ourselves out of the trap of self-pity. A week or two without power is horribly annoying, but not life-threatening. (Although it sucks to be in the midst of a power outage). Even our neighbors behind us still are without power, as is most of this section of Bridgewater. How we ended up as the lucky few in the "Eisenhower section" is beyond me!

Our yard got the beating that our house was spared. Today I spent a couple of hours trying to clear some tree branches so that we can use the chainsaw (which I was considering to take on, until my husband suggested that maybe I shouldn't play with tools that I don't know how to handle.... After thinking "sexist!" I realized he had a point.) Dragging "smaller" branches is actually heavy work! This "project cleanup" is going to take several months - and we are some of the most fortunate people in New Jersey!

Sandy pushed me into a sort of curfew. To lighten the mood I placed candles throughout the living room. It was rather cozy. A couple of evenings I knit two projects that I'm pushing myself to finish. Unfortunately, both use dark-colored yarns one is a navy alpaca/wool cowl and the other is a dark brown sweater. It was hard to see, and when I finally had a chance to view them in the light (during the days, I tried to concentrate on household things - mostly in the kitchen so that I could get as much done before darkness set in) I found tons of mistakes. I had to rip out most of what I knit fireside.

Well, the aftermath of Sandy is still hitting so many here - and so much devastation within 1 hour's drive. A little knitting is barely worth a mention.

To my faithful reader who tried to connect with me this week. Apologies for the bad timing. I'm thinking of you...


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