Three minute blog

I don't know where the time went!

It seems as though "three minutes ago" I was happy about one portion of election results and distraught over others. I think my predictions of party politics invading the school board elections came true: a well-known R family is now represented on the BOE. Am disappointed that Cullen will no longer be on the BOE - she is one of the few members that openly challenged and the leadership and asks questions that show thinking out of the box. She was a good antidote to the reputation that the BOE is most concerned about gifted kids. Maybe other members are just as broadly-minded in their concern, but hers was palpable. Her loss is my loss.
Diego: apathetic about elections, but no fan of snow

I was much more distraught about a different win... but what can you do with opposition who has a winning grin and the right connections?

Then "two minutes ago" I was at work in Metuchen when the power went out (we kept working)... and I came home through the sleek snow - followed by another electricity-induced day off from school for N. At this rate they will be doing finals on Independence Day.

And then about a minute ago (i.e. this weekend) I drove from Bridgewater to Elmira, picked up my Dad's visitor from London (his best friends' daughter, Joanne). Joanne and I drove to Penn Yan where C was meeting her friend. Then we drove to Corning for dinner, then back to Elmira. On Saturday I drove Joanne and my sister and her sons to Ithaca and back to Elmira. Then early Sunday morning I drove from Elmira to Metuchen so I could teach my first knitting class. Then back to Bridgewater. Then to NYC to pick up C from the bus from her friend in Rochester. Then... home (except T drove from NYC when he realized I'd driven so much already - I drove in because I wanted to show him easy parking at Port Authority). Mapquest tells me that I drove 686 miles this weekend. No wonder I felt car sick on the ride home from NYC (an additional 40+ miles) - I went straight to bed.

The trip to Elmira was wonderful. I'd never met Joanne before and she was warm and positive. We talked about the big stuff: life, family, careers, politics, education, religion, travel... often intertwined. It was as though we knew each other our whole lives. Maybe I just love people who love my Dad... but maybe it is something more? She's a linguist and recently-retired "solicitor" in courts in London. Fluent in French. Well traveled. And nice.

Today is "Post-procrastination Monday". The kitchen: full of dirty dishes. The bedroom: full of laundry - dirty, clean or undetermined. And then - the to do list gets tackled.

At some point I have to figure out what I'm bringing for Thanksgiving at Martha Stewart's... One dish - Poppy's Eggplant is a sure winner. But I need another idea or two. Last year I brought Norwegian cheeses and delicacies. Hmmmm.... Enough procrastinating.

Also on the agenda: a good long run. I've been putting that off too! Happy Monday!


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