2015 Off to a Running Start

Look Familiar?
If you're like me, your New Years resolutions last about as long as your dying Christmas tree. With every passing day more needles fall off and eventually you have to admit defeat and hide the body (aka the dead tree or my 16-pack abs). The same goes with my resolutions. Out of sight by Epiphany.

This year I'm not making any resolutions. I have more than enough on my plate. All I want to do for my 2015 resolution (and God help me if I'm cursing myself just by writing it down, AND hitting publish) is very simple:


Even this, is just an echo of the Ghost of Resolutions past. "Live more simply"? Ha - since that blog was posted I went back to full time work and changed jobs to one with a 1 hour 40 minute (on a good day, each way) commute. I don't live life simply, I don't think I can.

But finish what I start - why does that scare the hell out of me? Finish a book before starting another. Send my Christmas cards that I put in envelopes weeks ago. Finish cleaning a room before going on to straighten up another. Finish a thought before getting distracted. Finish whatever goal I set for myself...

The biggest of these is a challenge that I've been pondering for years. A marathon. For years I've been saying I could or would never run a marathon. Marathon runners are a different breed, I thought. Marathon runners, eat (well, actually they don't seem to), breathe and sleep running. I love to run. I love the endorphins, but I'm not as committed or as disciplined as "they" are.

Late last summer I talked to someone who was a marathon runner. I realized that I really respected that. It takes commitment and I envied this commitment to a goal. Other people run marathons. Why can't I? Here are my excuses and the reality:

I'm not thin enough. (It's true - I'm not thin) --> You don't have to be thin if you are in generally good health.
I don't have time to run 4 hours at a clip. --> You don't run for 4++ hours every day. You don't even do it every week. Yes, I'll have to commit a chunks of time each weekend as the race gets closer, but I can do that.
I give up too easily --> That is choice. Keeping in mind that many people can't do this, I should honor the fact that I can.
I could get hurt --> I'm fortunate enough to have good insurance, a great primary care physician and a chiropractor. 
I don't like to run in the rain --> Too damn bad. C got a treadmill for Christmas and after the misery of bringing it into the house, I should be motivated to use it daily. And, running in October in the Southern Tier of New York State means that I have to be like the post office: neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor ice... (all possibilities)

So dear readers, look for more blogs about running in 2015. If you see me pounding the streets, send encouraging thoughts. (And feel free to give me some song suggestions for my playlist. It's quite overplayed and needs new life).

In return I send encouraging thoughts to you for your own 2015 goals - or lack thereof. May you be successful in your endeavors.


Miriam Cutelis said…
You can totally run a marathon.....no doubt about it....just as a half may have been a far off reality before you actually did it....you then realize that it's all just a mind game.....26 miles is just being in the moment for 26 miles..I have a dream that one day I will run a 50/100 miler.....but right now, my imagination is not yet big enough to grasp this reality....maybe when the kids leave the house.....I'll be 52......so for now just working on keeping fit and able....so that at 52 I can really rock the house.....about loving running.....like a good marriage, you have to at least hate the other 30% for it to be a good marriage....same with running....I hate the first 3 miles of running.....I hate waking up before sunrise.....but the LOVES surpass the hates....but, when I hate running, I hate it. LOL. have a wonderful new year....would love to run a race with you someday.....I am running Rehoboth Beach and Northface Endurance...otherwise not yet sure what else....maybe some halves in NYC....

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