5 Opportunities in Summer 2015

Quality, Not Quantity - A Quick Ride Along the Hudson at Lunchtime
In the past four months, I have started seven blog posts... and completed none. I'm a little disappointed with myself. In light of this I'm going to challenge myself to write and post an interesting blog by the time the train I'm riding arrives in Somerville. We are somewhere between Union and Cranford.

My world seems to be in a state of flux on almost all fronts. Some aspects of my life might be different in a year, others definitely will.

Next August, I can assume, my daughter will be preparing to leave for college. Life will surely change without my lovely girl.

The company where I work is also undergoing changes. As is often the case, this had meant new challenges and an increased workload. This week I spent at least 5 hours learning new skills. In addition I am collaborating with a team called a "center of excellence." It is unclear how I fit in with this group of (mostly) designers, but I enjoy seeing how creative my "new" are. It's invigorating. The "head"'of this center holds a weekly meeting where each of us has to present our 3 main tasks for the week, one challenge and one opportunity.  That's the plan for tonight's blog.

In light of all the changes, I'll skip outlining challenges as there are many ahead. My tasks hold little interest to my readers, either. Instead, let's focus on the fun part. The opportunities.
Here are my top five opportunities:

  1. Train for a marathon. I'm up to 15 miles and the race is on October 5. Stay tuned...
  2. Turn the dining room into a library. We don't use the dining area for much other than storage.
  3. Go to the beach. I've only been once this summer and M invited me. Time to get that on the calendar.
  4. Focus on the positive: healthier eating, relaxation techniques, good movies/books, knitting, whatever... Low stress: I never regret going for a walk.
  5. See friends. I have so many meaningful people in my life whom I rarely see. This summer has been exceptional for reconnecting with loved ones - starting when my father turned 90. I want to keep this trend rolling.
There you have it. Five things I have the opportunity to accomplish this summer. What's on your list?


Kathy said…
I just happened upon your blog on FB, which I haven't had a chance to peruse in forever, but am finding much more interesting than the debate which we are currently watching! ☺️ Your writing is lovely btw and I enjoyed reading it. I caught my breath though at paragraph 3, how can this be happening already??!! Sigh...
Anyhow, in light of opportunities this summer, we are headed out on a family trip tomorrow....all five of us, first time in 2 months that we will all spent more than 24 hours together! And with paragraph 3 baring down on us, I'm going to take the "opportunity" to be in the moment of every moment of our trip!! Every bitchy, cranky, glorious moment you get when you travel with 3 (adult) kids and parents that love to push their buttons! 😏 These are my priorities these days....cherishing the "opportunities" like these! Thanks for reminding me...back to the debate!
Poppet said…
Thanks for your note. Hope you enjoyed your trip.
Poppet said…
Thanks for your note. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

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