Morning musings

The sun rises as commuters head to "the city that never sleeps"
Guess what happened? One of my friends read that I'd blogged and she sent me a card. She sat down (presumably) at the table in her bright and welcoming kitchen and took pen to paper, wrote an update of what she's up to and sent it in the mail. And guess what else? When I received it, I was thrilled!! I felt loved. Tangible proof that a friend was thinking of me.

Recently, I knit an infinity scarf for a friend who is facing so many daunting challenges that I've almost lost count.  Parkinson's Disease tops the list. Last week she mentioned on Facebook that she'd lost control of her hands. I hope that there's more than a little karma here. 

From time to time I feel overwhelmed. This morning is one of the times when I feel the angst growing in my breast. It feels like a hint of bronchitis, except unlike with illness, if I breathe deeply, the air flows unimpeded. It might be lack of sleep. Diego (our mutt) had me up at 2 am. He was constipated... And still is, despite a middle of the night walk. 

I was planning to get up at 4 am to enjoy the meteor shower. Up anyway, Diego and I waited impatiently for the elusive streaks in the sky. Alas, even with most of the area sleeping, light pollution prevented us from the show we should have seen. I think I saw one, but maybe it was my brain tricking me? Elusive light. It happens so quickly that you "just know" that you've seen it. "Did you see that?" At one point, I asked Diego. With no reply we returned to bed. 

So I head to work with too little sleep and thoughts of an insurmountable to do list. Perhaps instead of using such a negative term, I should remember that my friends care. Whether I complete my work or not, they still feel the same way. 

Perspective. Whether you're looking at an envelope with handwriting you're straining to recognize, out a window with a landscape constantly moving - as I see now on the approach to Newark - or across a sky filled with stars, planets, planes and satellites, keep in mind that you have the power to impact how others see things and what they feel. And you even have a power to change how you see things.

Yes, Diego. I think that was a falling star.

Reached Newark. Have a great day!


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