Into the closet?

I did it - I decided to run for BOE. That means that I will be in a political campaign and the last thing that I really want is Bridgewater's voters reading personal posts... and quoting how mad I am at my daughter, or some such nonesense.

I have also started a Facebook page for the election, and started using the hated-twitter. I am being honest when I say I REALLY didn't want to do Twitter, but it's a campaign and the 21st century, so I have to. And I'm updated my linkedin profile. Again, not my favorite task, but perhaps a necessary evil. Finally, I have to get my nails done and start coloring the gray.  The new "vain" me will only be around for about 8 weeks - perfect hair and nails are not my forte'...

I am also working on a business venture with a friend of mine who is an artist. I am spending a lot of time reading business books - wishing I had taken a more practical route in college.

So you will understand why I haven't been blogging this week.

Best wishes to my faithful readers and all your ventures.


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