Monday morning meeting

Many jobs I've held started the week with a Monday morning meeting. On this Monday morning, I really wish I had a team. I need to discuss the direction this "project" is taking. I look at the clutter in my kitchen and living room and see it as a metaphor for my own plans. There are lots of balls in the air and more being added each day.

Some of these have sub-lists
Here at the B&B I'm on my own. "The B&B" is a relative term, we don't actually get paid by our many guests for their extended stays. And this is an off week with no guests. This week looks to be especially busy and I really wish I had a team of players to join me around the kitchen table to discuss the state of affairs. I'd like to gather the various departments: strategic planning, HR, marketing, corporate communications. Instead all of these functions are performed by Poppet. Mr Poppet is the Finance and IT guy but he's not big on interoffice meetings and C is the household Social Secretary and already at school. Everything else is me. Does the right side of my brain know what the left side is doing?

The yes-no questions of strategic planning are daunting. Go for a business venture or hold back? Summer plans? Camp or no camp for N? Apply for more jobs and if so do I go outside my comfort zone - in terms of work and commute?

But even at my most overwhelmed I find a source of light. Today it is quite simple: It's Opening Day at Ritas! Free ice cream. In the old days I'd bring bagels for morning meeting - the best ones on Connecticut Avenue just south of the Beltway in Bethesda, MD. Although I miss seeing my co-workers happy smiles when they bite into a fresh bagel, Ritas as an after-school pick me up for my two kids (and perhaps their friends) works fine too as inspiration toward meeting all our goals. To do lists are easier to tackle after extra carbs.


Sometimes I make a mistake... 

I misread my e-mail from Ritas. It's free on the 1st day of Spring. There is actually a countdown on their website... 20 days, 9 hours, 20 minutes, 32 seconds... and counting. 

Maybe I should spring for Ritas ANYWAY?


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