Bags of food ready to go
My kids' youth group volunteered today at a church in Somerville where Somerset County distributes food bank items (mostly edible) to the needy. It is a humbling reminder that so many people need help right here in Somerville. I learned that I need to think smarter when I donate. Often I'll donate items we wouldn't have eaten. I should do the opposite in the future - give what we WOULD eat. Most likely the people who need extra help also prefer the same foods as my picky family.

We helped more than sixty families before someone took the "white chocolate-flavored sparkling water". Maybe that would be good in a mixed drink, but that's not the help these families need.

Toilet paper was given one roll per family. How much TP do I buy without even thinking about the cost (beyond the general "the more rolls in the pack, the cheaper it becomes)? You can also call the food bank as they have a list of what they need.
Teens bagged and distributed

The hardest for me to think about today was when a couple of kids came in without a parent. Probably a teenage brother with his sister who looked like she might be around 3rd or 4th grade. They walked to downtown Somerville from Raritan, picked what they needed and walked home. Quietly and politely. On the ride home I reminded my kids that probably the older brother is at C's school or BRRHS and the little sister will eventually go to N's intermediate school. The neediest are part of our immediate community and we rarely give it any thought!

With the blatant wealth of this area it is so easy for all of us to forget how fortunate many of us are.

So readers, please remember to give to your local food bank.  And.... everyone smiles when they get a little cake mix.


On another note, I re-watched Colbert and took him down from yesterday's blog. While I found a lot of what he said to be funny, I have too many Catholics friends/readers who may find it offensive...


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