Field Hockey at BRHS's turf field
I had a chance to spend the morning in NYC.

It would have been a beautiful day to eat a croissant while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge or taking in one of a gazillion outdoor markets.

But this morning I did something even better... I watched the Bridgewater Raritan Freshman Field Hockey team beat its opponent. C played defense and while she was on the field quite a bit, the offensive players got a bigger workout.

Now my sister is coming with her kids, and we are going to enjoy an unseasonably warm and beautiful day at the Visiting Nurses Association Rummage Sale. If they consider it rummage in Far Hills, then I have a feeling it is high-end stuff in my world.

What else will the day bring? Hopefully a long run and some good food. Otherwise, sky's the limit. What we do on any given Saturday is about choices.

Today I'm choosing hanging with the family. Not a bad choice, I hope they like being outdoors, because that's where I plan on spending this beautiful Saturday. Back to rain, wind and chilly weather tomorrow. Not the best forecast for Somerville's Arts and Main Fall Festival (which I always try to hit) tomorrow, but we'll see. Either way, I have a ton of indoor activities to choose between: baking, knitting, decorating for fall (cleaning goes with that too) and reading.

Have a great weekend folks, no matter what you choose to do.


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