It's simple

"Nothing scares terrorists like a girl with a book" (what about a girl in a bikini with a book?)

I read that (I'm paraphrasing) today on Facebook.

My baby girl loved it when I read to her. "Good night moon" (Can you find the mouse?)

As a toddler she still loved it. And on it went. "Some are red, some are blue, some are old and some are new..."

We went through many phases of fine and fun literature (and some books I'll thankfully never open again). Ooing over pictures in Angelina Ballerina and then laughing over the storylines. And sometimes discussing how bossy Angelina could be.

Then she became a school girl and we read to each other. Starting with "The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat".

Then there were the American Girl doll books - and I'd read to her for HOURS.

And then... of course... it came time. She started only reading books like Judy Blume's Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing independently. Novels and series.

And now, we share books, like the Uglies series.

I hadn't realized that she models after me: I love to read. Everyone in my family (my grandmother, parents, brother and sister) loved to read. I grew up surrounded by a house of books.

I'm thinking of all the wonderful books she still has left to discover. The world is her literary oyster.

Thankfully she lives in a society where we absolutely take the rights of girls to read for granted.

My thoughts are with the family of the girl who is starting to recover in an English hospital.... imagine a world where our daughters would be shot for wanted to be educated.

How lucky we are...........


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