Monday confessional

After another good day at the office (Gotta love the honeymoon phase!) I took in the lovely sunset and thought to myself, I love Mondays!

Not in an anti-Garfield sense. This morning felt like MONDAY with its dark cloud. My beloved son hadn't finished his homework, which I only discovered it as a fluke a few minutes before he was supposed to leave. Gone are the days when he can get away with half-finished work. His e-Science teacher means business. Requesting forgiveness is futile.

So I did what my at-home-self would have done, I said, "Finish it up, I'll drive you." He protested, but resistance was futile. He finished while I showered and off I drove him to school. I love a flexible work schedule.

What I meant about loving Mondays is the double-guilty pleasure. Now that Jersey Shore is no more (and I don't watch the spin offs) I watch the trashiest TV of my week: The Bachelor. If I had ever thought about it as a career option, I would have run a match making service. What a fun gig that would have been?!

At the same time that I'm recording roses being given or withheld, I'm also lining up two hours with Jillian, Bob and Dolvett. Some days I actually exercise while watching. I didn't work out today, so I'll probably fit in a few squats, sit-ups and planks.

When I stayed home I promised myself I wouldn't watch TV during the day, unless I was sick. It was a smart habit and saved many wasted hours. I only broke it on a few occasions. The other exception to this rule was laundry - if I was folding I was watching.

Tonight I'll be doing laundry. I like doing something productive while watching TV. Even more, I like getting (clean, of course) laundry off the sofa and into the proper drawer.

But for now, it's time to return to the other part of Monday. A more mundane task: cooking dinner.


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