It's official. I have a job with responsibilities. So many that I can't even come close to finishing in an 8-hour day. So I've been bringing work home. Which has meant I haven't cooked dinner once this whole week and have spent an incredible amount of time updating spreadsheets and writing "Creative Briefs". Even more than that, I've spent many hours just trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing. It's like joining a complicated dance troupe, I think I know the moves, but I can't get in step with everyone else... yet.

I also haven't been reading - and barely know what's been going on in the world. What's that? A cruise ship stuck without power in the Gulf of Mexico with 3000 people and no toilets? The President gave a State of the Union address? And a Republican challenger to Christie? That's the extent of what I've picked up from this week's news.

On the inside, however, I'm a sad girl. My Uncle died on Monday. That's sad enough - but what has made me feel worse is how disconnected I feel from my family. I couldn't have imagined not being there with them. I guess that's what happens. Families grow apart once people move away. Moving was my choice but times like these I wonder what my life would have been had I stayed close to my Sun, the family in Elmira. I will miss my Uncle's humor and love and warmth. A talented architect his legacy will be visible for Elmirans to enjoy for decades - maybe longer - to come.

Uncle Ron's obituary is here. I was very lucky to spend time in their home as a child with so many interesting friends and family.


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