Peaceful, easy feeling

Last night we celebrated LLD's 50th birthday with a night of high-calorie binging at The Melting Pot followed by near-binge drinking at an Irish pub just a few steps away. It was sooooooo fun! Hard laughter began with LL's opening her requisite inappropriate gifts, and continued through the night. Mannions (the pub) had two options: a laid-back acoustic guitar singer downstairs and a DJ playing loud dance music upstairs. After about an hour we couldn't take this generation's music and sought refuge with 70s and 80s music downstairs.

If there were dancing it would have been perfect. The ceiling looked like it would fall apart at any moment (apparently parking ticket enforcement pays better attention than building enforcement). And, to the guys at the bar: yes, you smell like fart!

This morning I managed to be at Father Ron's 8am service. The lessons of reminding ourselves that we live in a world we cannot control resonate strongly. Then, foolishly (especially in light of just hearing a lesson about things we cannot control) went to Wegmans to "pick up a few things" thinking I had plenty of time to make a 10:45 am ropes class. Ooops, I had forgotten that on Superbowl Sunday grocery stores are a no-fly zone for those not absolutely having to buy something. It took much, much longer than anticipated and, of course, I was late for my class.

Came home and took a hot bath while reading the NY Times. It just reminded me how scary ADHD drugs really are, even as they have become accepted, mainstream medicine. In general I am pretty open to prescription meds, taking some on a regular basis, but this scared me.

Perhaps scarier than the drugs are the feeling that as children grow into adults, we parents lose our control over their lives. My parents have always had such huge influence on my thinking and choices but I know that it's the case with most people. Even 11 years beyond the grave, I often wonder what my Mom would think of my life and decisions. My 87-year old dad has no problem expressing his opinions, and I still listen, albeit sometimes reluctantly. My children, however, have half of their father in them. While T respects his parents, they yield very little direct influence over his life. He is simply more independent than I am. Our kids could go either way. Let's just hope that the don't fall into the trap of easier As provided by quick fixes.

After the tub, I put my PJs on and made grilled cheese sandwiches (not my choice, as I ate enough melted cheese last night). Then I lazed: facebook, reading, laid in bed with the paper and now I'm blogging.

I want to go for a run - the half marathon (13.1 miles) is in 11 weeks. My goal is the same as in 2012: run the race without walking. I don't care if I do a better time than last year or not. I just want to have fun.

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Wishing you all a happy Superbowl Sunday. Of course I'm for Dino's adopted town (and where R went to college): San Francisco. But I'm really planning to get my weekly fix of Historical Fiction, Downton Abbey.... it was a real tear-jerker last week. Can't wait to see what's in store for them this week!


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