Several years ago my dad gave me something I was completely surprised to get: a set of Christmas serving bowls and dishes. They are beautiful and I use them every year, but I hadn't asked for them.

This year he gave me a set of 8 coffee mugs, a coffee (tea?) pot, creamer and sugar dish to complete the set. They are just as beautiful. What was really funny was his comment: "you should have more company!"

Is he joking???

This year in overnight guests alone (off the top of my head, forgive me if I forgot anyone) we had my brother and sister-in-law, my friend TL and her husband and 2 kids stayed for a week, my mother-in-law and niece were here for 10 days last June, my Dad for the entire month of May, we had 2 families stay with us for labor day weekend (and a promise of 2 more in 2009!!!!!), plus my Dad and my cousin (cousin only stayed for 2 nights in mid- November, Dad is still here). Now my in-laws are just finishing up a 2 week stay.

We also had a large gathering of kids and parents for Halloween, countless sleep overs, I had a small tea, I hosted a partylite/usborne party and I can't remember what else. Lunches for friends, ladies' nights... etc. etc. etc.

I love having company! I love showing guests around NYC, I love nice dinners around our big kitchen table. It always forces me to clean up - which the house always needs. When T goes away, the first thing I do is take out evite for a girls' night.

But that I "should have more company", even said half in jest, gives me heart palpitations!

He must have been joking!

At least...

I hope he was.....

Bookings are already coming in for our "B&B" for 2009. Labor Day weekend is currently reserved. Call early for the best availability. If you come in December you'll get Starbucks Christmas Coffee served in beautiful mugs.


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