Think positively!

It was a great day today. It's the little things:

N's teacher, Miss Teacher, keeps her superstar status in my book! She called me in to speak with her about something relating to N's personality. Maybe it's something to be worried about (his physician is on vacation, so I'll wait until next week to follow up), maybe it's nothing. Either way, she noticed when few others have. Just she and his kindergarten teacher have ever mentioned this trait to me. Miss Teacher even followed up with last year's teacher. She had never noticed it (I couldn't help myself - my reply was "well, then she wasn't paying very good attention, because he does it all the time!"). Miss Teacher was concerned that maybe N gets teased about it - but he says that when kids ask him about it, he just says "it's just something I do". I'll also keep an eye on the teasing.

She really is compassionate!

My tax dollars at work? I'd say they were very well spent this year!

The rest of the day has been the typical busy craze, and my in-laws arrive tomorrow. Normally I am a stressed out nut the night before they show up, but today I keep taking a deep breath and saying, "it doesn't matter if the house is perfect!"

And it doesn't! (Nor will it ever be perfect enough for my in-laws anyway!)

The B&B is full through the end of the year. We're taking reservations for 2009... book early for the best deals!


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