Still learning the same lessons

Every day for several weeks I've been feeling like I'm getting worse, making more mistakes and in general not doing a very good job here in this space I call life. Just when I thought I was figuring out how to be an adult - wham-oh! I make a series of mistakes that I can't seem to forgive myself for. Small stupid things. Every day it's something new and unexpected!

When I reprimand my children, punish, yell or just want to alert them to behavior I would like them to change, I need to look in the mirror first. Remember how it feels to be reprimanded, punished (even self punishment) or alerted of my own mistakes.

It hurts to be reprimanded, so it is best to learn how to alter behavior in other ways.

If I treat my kids with respect - even when I need to work on their behavior - maybe they treat others with respect? Would they treat me with respect? Or will it make them spoiled rotten as I fear? I don't know. It would mean that *I* would have to seriously alter *my* own nature (yell first, investigate later).

Maybe I need to just relax a bit. Take it easy so I am less stressed? Maybe then I won't yell?

Hardly! But it would be nice to be a more patient parent! And a more patient, forgiving person!


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