control issues?

Sometimes I feel as if I have no control in my life. No power, no say. Yesterday was one of those days - someone at the pool saw me and said "You look like I feel".

I want to please everyone else because I like making people happy, and sometimes I make myself completely miserable in the process. Yesterday I said something rude to my BFF, I yelled at my kids when I was actually upset with my husband and by the end of the evening my stomach was in a twist. I couldn't sleep, so I read until after 4am.

Today I started off the day with a quick shower and a stressful meeting. I just came home to a messy kitchen with several of my daughter's friends in it snacking, while my daughter tried to change her plans yet again. This is the third time she asked to have a separate friend over in 24 hours, forgetting we already had plans.

How accommodating is a Mom supposed to be to her daughter's changing fancy?

A better question: how can I find the gumption to prioritize my own wants as well as I do others'?

If only I could start with a good meal and a long nap...


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