A writer writes, right?

This week has been slow in the world of my blog. A few weeks ago I applied to be a guest writer for another mothering blog, but was rejected as my writing isn't edgy enough. That was quite a disappointment, since it was unpaid blogs written by Moms.

I thought a little about my blog. This blog started in protest to moves by the BRRSD. It has developed into an open diary of my experiences as a parent.

This isn't a bad thing, but it was never the intent.

After the rejection, I have been thinking about how and what I write. If I am writing a "how to" blog (and some of the entries could best be described how NOT to), then I should write what I know. I started a blog out earlier this week about traveling with kids. After only a few minutes with information flying from my fingers, it was simply too long. I decided to cut it into several shorter blogs, but this requires editing which takes time. I haven't felt like spending time at the laptop doing this work.

It is summer. Life has slowed down slightly and my goal is to spend less time at the computer and more time in the sun. If you aren't getting regular updates, know they are coming and check back in a few days.

Have a good summer, dear readers. Now go outside and work on that tan or pull those weeds! Our mailbox had to be replaced yesterday, so I guess that means I have to weed the bed around it and I'll be outside doing that soon too.


Anonymous said…
Keep being you!


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