Not playing lottery today

Bridgewater Township has announced a tax refund. Not sure if it is the homeowners who made collective mistakes over a number of years, or the Township but here it is. The once in a lifetime tax refund.

Click here to check if your address is on the list.

Our house is not. I see several of our friends are listed, so I better let them know before BW Township changes their mind.

I could have used a refund! C spent all day Monday trying on her friend's new clothes. It was HS's birthday, and she had already done her back-to-school shopping. C, who has a closet full of beautiful things, wants more, more, more. T's grandmother gave her a little money this spring so now she wants to spend it. It's her pocket money, so I guess it's OK. Even though C will be spending her own cash, there always seems to be extras that need Mom's wallet.

The boys will spend the day more constructively - at the science center.

With all the bad news about corruption in NJ, I have to admit I feel a little good that our Township announced this instead of pocketing the money and hoping no one would notice. A cynical side of me wonders if they have been audited. Either way, enjoy your cash if your a lucky one. Even if it's only $75 or so, treat yourself to dinner out!


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