A busy week

I don't have time to write much this week. We have a lot of plans... today alone I met someone for lunch, went for a long walk with C and 2 of her friends and went to a concert after a barbecue.

Yesterday I also started the day with a lunch date and shopping with friends, then seeing other friends. Then C had a couple of friends sleep over...

Tomorrow we are looking forward to a family dinner, and on Sunday we are celebrating my niece's confirmation (belated).

It has been a wonderful few days but not without a dose of bad luck. T & N hit a deer last night (dented car a bit - I haven't seen how badly, but apparently it's fine to drive), they are OK... the deer isn't. :-(

Then C tripped in her flip flops and sliced her big toe. Am hoping it doesn't get infected. Time will show.

Have a nice weekend everyone! I'm taking a few days off from the blog, I think. As they say on FB TTYL!


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