My day off

I had a day to do whatever I wanted (N was returned at 7:30 tonight).

I didn't know what to do so I:
  • went for a run with the dog
  • had lunch with my Dad and his best friend at a very snooty club
  • went to a monastery  - bought some goodies from the gift shop (yarn from the monk's sheep, homemade honey, etc.) - this may seem strange, being as I'm not catholic, but my Uncle (an architect) designed it and it has some strong childhood memories - plus it is somewhere I wouldn't bring my kids
  • tried on shoes at Bass while my Dad drank tea
  • went to a winery (tried several wines, I didn't love any of them - a couple were OK)
  • bought sandals at Famous Brand shoes - splurged on a pair that were about twice what I thought I should spend on myself ($40 instead of $20)
  • had dinner with my Dad (Again - splurge: veal marsala, I NEVER have this dish)
  • went grocery shopping (not a splurge)
After my sister came over with her kids and my son, I decided the me-me-me day needed to continue, so I opened a bottle of semi-OK wine from today's winery and watched the Bachelorette.

Ali chose right: dump the guy with the weird family... you have no idea how important in-laws become!

Now I am hoping for a real treat: sleep.


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