Dark skies today again

Felt like the black cloud is still reigning over my skies. As the work crew continued to dig into my walls, they continued to find more "wrong". Now the hole has moved upward and somehow I am getting a paintjob in the bathroom as well. Oh well. God bless Insurance!

I'm out of the BRRSD loop. I understand that there was a meeting on Tuesday that I should have gone to. Apparently Cheryl Dyer was presenting updates to enrichment in the district now that enrichment has been cut from the budget and wants feedback. Wish I had remembered to go. The next presentation/feedback session is sometime later this month. The first one has passed, but you can read about it and participate. See page two.

Enrichment feels like the most neglected aspect of the curriculum. It is so teacher dependent. Some teachers enrich just by their presentation of otherwise dry information. They make it relate to students AND expand their horizons. A math lesson can include social sciences. A history lesson can include basic statistics. And language arts? Art History? It is really everything: part math, part history, part art, part political science. Subjects that should be intertwined everywhere.

I have two seemingly conflicting goals: enrich every child's scholastic experience. And challenge bright kids who aren't in AI or E or advanced courses. Maybe these goals are mutually exclusive. Perhaps they are one in the same? Either way, I will be enriching my own kids' experiences on the date mentioned, so I can't help Mrs. Dyer by taking part in the focus group.

I could e-mail Mrs. Dyer with my thoughts. Not sure she is concerned about my opinion, since she knows me, but who knows! FirstI have to draft something worth reading. Ideally I'd like to present something that would ENRICH Mrs. Dyer's experience beyond her current views. Ideally every child would be enriched.

What is enrichment? What is the goal for my children - and children in general in Bridgewater?

But for now I'll settle for a good night's sleep. Am publishing without a proper edit. Not good form when discussing BRRSD issues. What can I say? It's summer vacation!


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