Cool-aid overdose

Spent way too many hours at cheer lately and felt like I was stuck in a suburban housewife vortex. Although some of the Moms are very "normal" a few are really getting on my nerves.

Last weekend when I knit the pink headband at a cheer event in Montclair, I told one of the moms that I was hoping to wear it that night at the football game. Her comment wasn't "good for you" or "it's very nice" but "why did you make it pink, you should have made it in red, black or white". These, of course, are the team colors. Instead of a well-deserved rebuke, I explained that I had pink yarn in my stash and a somewhat snide, "and, I didn't have those colors".

Turns out when cleaning the basement this weekend, I found all three, so last night I started to knit a tri-colored headband.

But as I produced inch after inch, I started feeling bitter and wondered, why should I knit something to prove to them that I support C's cheer team? How did I get pressured (albeit very indirectly) into starting a new knitting project when I have about 10 in various stages of completion. Do these moms really yield that much control over me? And why should I even give these ladies' color-code two seconds thought? Would they think for a millisecond about my suggestion if the tables were turned?

Do they realize that I knit almost all the time, but rarely for myself? Or that I actually put consideration into the pink? Brown wouldn't show up against my hair, I wanted something that wouldn't itch but would still stay warm on cold fall nights? So pink cotton was the answer.

Why is it never enough? I'm at every game, competition and I do my share of carpooling? I'm giving myself hand-cramps writing checks for program fees, uniforms, t-shirts, extra tumbling classes and private lessons. I'm making an effort to get to know her new cheer friends by having them over to the house and taking them for ice cream.

So why knit what I've been referring to (in my mind) as "the f'ing headband"?

I have a rule - I only knit with love. It might be a while to muster enough good vibes to make this project that should take a few hours. Competitive mothering. It's alive and well... in the hearts and minds of Bridgewater moms. Only if I let it!


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