MoMA, ML and Me

In the never ending magnetic field - work or stay-at-home - I've been trying to embrace my present and stop worrying about my lack of employment.

To that end I called my friend ML on Thursday morning between getting my kids off and told her to drop everything. She did, and we headed into New York. Neither or us have oodles of disposable cash, and both of us had to be home to drive the kids' to their activities starting around 4pm, so we kept it simple: trained to NYC, walked to MoMA, window shopped on 5th Avenue, and headed home.

We talked, gawked at endless diamonds on 47th Street, we drank sparkling wine with our teeny tiny minimalistic MoMA lunch and we looked a designer clothes that we didn't even bother to try on.

At the MoMA there was a wish tree.  Did I wish for a job? No... my wish was more basic than that.

Today I write this knowing that I have done what I can to enjoy the days I have. Currently my life is here, amongst the people I love, and my warm dog (who is lucky I love him as much as I do - as he's had a stomach bug and then chewed my shoe laces AGAIN, maybe these things are linked?). Between knitting my many projects and driving the kids between their friends houses and activities, I cook, surf and dream, but most of all, I try to enjoy life.

I miss working. I miss colleagues, especially those from my favorite job ever, with my title, "Senior Executive Officer" (has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?). Being on a first name basis with the head of a university... I miss the collaboration, the feeling of pride in my work - I even miss the stress of knowing someone is depending on me for something besides a ride and clean clothes or a meal.

But if and when I go back to work, I'll miss one thing:

The freedom to jump a train to New York! It's great to know I can take a day with a friend in the city. Just because it's there......

That's what keeps me sane between bringing forgotten gym shoes to the Middle School or N to another Tae kwon do class. When the bank account isn't in the red from one too many checks written pay to the order of the PTO, I can take out $50 and head on a train, to a foreign world of sorts. Then I can head home safe and sound to sleep under my own comforter at the end of the day.

Carpe Diem! Carpe New York!


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