Thinking warmer thoughts

How come a fruitful day is followed by one where I can't seem to even get myself motivated enough to make coffee? Yesterday after cleaning and sorting things for a garage sale, I finished my "not-Martha's" headband. The design is available free online.  Mine is in a thick, organic cotton and fits like it was made for me (it was, of course). It is soft, warm and not itchy.

I  think I'm in love.

It couldn't be more simple in design or execution. So why can't I get the gumption up to produce several to sell? Maybe I like it better because I made it for me? Maybe if I made one for a friend she would like it only because it was made for her, but not because it was just right?

One of the blogs I follow discusses this exact thing. Although she has made a career as a reporter and now as a knitting blogger for our local paper, she still dreams about selling her designs, just as I dream of a little yarn shop in Somerville where I can knit in between sales. Of course I don't actually have enough knowledge of knitting beyond my own limited experience (compare the few stitches I know to the vast world of techniques that people knit every day). However I do believe I have taste and a friendly sales persona, so if it were a viable business plan, I could make it work.

My husband e-mailed me a creative knit that sold for more than $50 on e-bay. He also sent me an explanation that an angry bird is not just any bird. In New York ML and I saw knitted headbands that sold for $100! Shawls cost even more! I could knit those, but who do you know willing to pay $100 for a headband, even in cashmere?

I have knit one baby hat that my friend is buying for her cousin as a baby gift! How do you figure out what to charge for something like that?

So why don't I try to do this? And what message is my impotence sending my daughter and son. Mommy doesn't think she can so she doesn't?

But how many businesses fail in Somerville? Am I foolish and irresponsible if I look into it further?

It seems that each week I have a new plan. Last week I was considering opening a Kumon center (not in Bridgewater since we have one). Another time I was thinking of becoming a teacher. Then there have been the various companies that have received my resume recently. My story is still playing out so stay tuned....

By the way - if you were wondering - I made myself some delicious coffee. The caffeine is working and I'm ready to take on the next task on my unpleasant to do list.


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